its been a few weeks since all of the FULLTIME events took place and all i can think is what an amazing week it was. thank you for coming to any of the events that you may have made it to. thank you for hosting any of the events you may have hosted. im still kind of baffled that this idea has actually taken a solid foothold and got the kind of support that it did.  the events were really well thought out, well planned, well attended, well intentioned, and seem to have done well for both the guests and hosts. 
the initial goal of FULLTIME was to highlight small business in fun creative ways and holy shit did we ever. from art shows to dinners to studio tours to demos to lectures - it was a jam packed week and we are all so stoked that it happened.
we will have summary blog posts to highlight some of the individual events that happened during this years FULLTIME both to reflect on the fun and also to inspire more of them - so stay tuned and keep following #FULLTIMEpgh for those. you can also join our mailing list by signing up below.
our goal from this point on will be to keep the concept bubbling through the remainder of this year and then to ramp up for next year. we have a few ideas to keep this alive and gain more momentum and hopefully to inspire you to host an event, start a business, get creative, and make some noise that we all get to hear. 
we are all in this together, so we might as well have fun and hang out. 
- dan




FULLTIME celebrates designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and anyone with the courage to create their own means to make a living. Each participant in this four-day festival will share their expertise and demonstrate what they do and how they do it, in an overlapping confluence of events and ideas.

There are no limitations on what kind of event you can create or attend. Our first festival featured 22 events across five full days - events included a floating local beer festival, a branding workshop, skateboard demo, an artists' yard sale, and a live staged reading. 

Our hope is that by assembling a packed schedule of amazing DIY events, we can all learn from each other, share our stories, and come together as a new creative class. Whether you call it hustling, creating, selling, or making art, we’re all in this together.

If you would like to join in - please check out the events page
if you would like to host your own event - please submit your idea.


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