Submit an Event:

We’d love to see what you have in mind for FULLTIME, and we’re excited to add more events. All submitted events will be judged by a panel of independent artists, designers, and small business owners...

Before you submit:

  1. Your event must be in the Pittsburgh region
  2. Events must be independently organized and operated.
    No large corporations (though they can sponsor you! Or us!).
  3. You are in charge of every single aspect of making your event happen,
    from idea to marketing to execution to clean up.
  4. Your event must meet our Mission Statement.
  5. It’s up to you if your event is free or if you charge for it; you keep all your profits or losses.
  6. There is a non-refundable $10 application fee. Accepted events pay $50.
  7. We help promote your event along with other FULLTIME events; accepted events must have a facebook page.
  8. Events can be serious or fun, but you must be serious about making it happen.
  9. Applications are open now with rolling notification until MARCH 30, 2018.   
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