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We’d love to see what you have in mind for FULLTIME, and we’re excited to add more events. Please fill out the form below, and we’ll look at your event. All submitted events will be judged by a panel of independent artists, designers, and small business owners. We mainly want to make sure that everything we’re including in FULLTIME meets our guidelines...

What are those guidelines?

  1. Events must take place within the Pittsburgh region (What’s the Pittsburgh region? Well, we can be flexible; if your show is in Cranberry, that’s cool. If you’re approaching us from Cleveland, probably not).
  2. Events must be independently organized and operated. We’re not looking for large corporate events here. That doesn’t mean you can’t have sponsorship, but we’re looking for events where a small group of dedicated people (or one person) are making it happen on their own.
  3. You, or your organization, are in charge of ticketing, running, and organizing your event. We’ll help with press & promotion, and presenting it under our banner, but everything else is up to you. We’ll be glad to consult or give advice to a point, but we’re not holding your hand.
  4. Your event must meet our Mission Statement, meaning it should relate to design, art, music, entrepreneurship, or running a small business. We’re looking for people who already have something going - this isn’t a startup incubator. Like the name says, we hope you’re doing this FULLTIME.
  5. It’s up to you if your event is free or if you charge for it; you keep all your profits or losses.
  6. There is a non-refundable $10 application fee for all Full Time events. Accepted events pay $50 to be listed as part of FULLTIME (the $10 application fee will be applied towards the final $50 fee).
  7. You must be serious. We don't mind fun or funny (we encourage it actually) but remember that we’re looking for people who are passionate about their work, their art. Or anything. Just be sincere and willing to share. 
  8. We are accepting applications now and will notify you on a rolling basis if your event will be included (or not). Applications for events will close on APRIL 1.  
  9. Your event MUST HAVE A NAME. Make it awesome. 
  10. We will link to a FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE - so be prepared to set one up for your event asap. 
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