Started in 2014, we just want to shine a big bright spotlight on the people of Pittsburgh that are living their lives without a net. 


In short

FULLTIME started as a five day, city wide collection of individually planned events created by separate hosts and promoted unilaterally as a single unit - with the goal of highlighting the wide array of creative culture and entrepreneurial spirit modern Pittsburgh has to offer. It has grown into a year long series of events and a curated lecture series.


FULLTIME is run by a board of independent artists, designers, and small business owners; in short, many of the same people we want creating and attending events for FULLTIME. We are proudly based in Pittsburgh, PA. All of the FULLTIME events are staged and run by the organizers. We’re here to present everything under one big, inclusive, awesome umbrella.

...the series will showcase the creative process of local independent artists, designers and small businesses, provide the public with a behind-the-scene look at several new artistic projects taking root right here in the Burgh, and will explore a new, informal festival-like format for event curation.
— Jennifer Baron, Next Pittsburgh

What We've Achieved

  • Inaugural festival boasted 22 Events over the span of 4 days with a combined attendance of nearly 8,000 people

  • Utilized 14 separate neighborhoods as well as all 3 rivers

  • Proof of concept to keep this thing going and growing